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5 Things to Do After You Publish A Post on Your Blog
July 7, 2015
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5 Ways Blogging Can Drive Traffic To Your Website

Benefits of Blogging

T here is indisputable evidence that blogging is one of the most important things a website owner can do for their business. In fact, a website’s ability to attract visitors hinges on it! In the modern state of inbound marketing, the first step in creating happy, lifelong customers is to first attract strangers. That’s the starting point, after which you continue to push them through the funnel until they buy what you’re selling.

So how do you get more website visitors? The answer to this most salient question is surprisingly actionable. You can take steps today to improve your website’s traffic, and ultimately gain more satisfied customers. Over the course of this blog, we will write a separate post for each of these steps. Not to get too meta, but our first blog post is about why you should start a blog.

Let’s face it. Unless you’re good at writing, blogging kind of sucks! Everyone has an excuse for why they can’t start a blog (I don’t have the time, I don’t have anything interesting to say, my writing is atrocious, etc…). Unless you’re familiar with marketing, you might not see the benefits of blogging for a business. Some people think blogging is only for hobbyists and professional bloggers who get paid for ad space. A business has no business blogging, right? Wrong!

Field of Dreams was right on the money. If you build it, they will come. Here’s why blogging is so important.

1 Attract curious visitors

The idea behind blogging for a business is to create value for your target audience. One way to create value is to answer common questions in your industry. For example, you’re a financial adviser who focuses mainly on college graduates. You write a blog post titled “Top 5 Ways to Get Student Loan Forgiveness.” All of a sudden, this financial adviser has created value for his target audience. Every time a college graduate searches for ways to get student loan forgiveness, his website will show up in the search results. He’s not just attracting random visitors either. He has just attracted the exact type of visitor that he wants to sell to: a college graduate. From there, he can use all the tools at his disposal to convert the visitor into a customer.

2  Improve your site index

For those who don’t know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Every now and then, a search engine like Google will crawl through your website and create an index of it. Google is the ultimate judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to how high your website ranks in search results. In Google’s idea of a perfect world, the first search result is exactly what the searcher wanted. They will do everything in their power to make sure only the best site shows up at the top of the search results. Websites that provide value are ranked higher and spammy websites are penalized. It’s your job to prove to Google that your website is worth the public’s time. The more you update your site, the more active and legitimate your website looks. (As an added bonus, you also appear more legitimate in your customers’ eyes as well.) But you can only update your About Us page so many times, right? That’s where the blog comes in. Regular blog posts greatly improve your website’s page rank. It’s crucial to maximize your SEO because 90% of website traffic comes from search engines.



90% of website traffic is referred from search engines.


3  Improve your keyword ranking

Every new blog post will add to your keywords. You don’t want to fill your home page with too many words. Google will think you’re trying to spam, and at a certain point, you’re just overwhelming your visitors. Too much information can become intimidating and hurt your conversions. But when it comes to blog posts, you can type away! This is where you dive deep and give in-depth information. If you’re doing it right, you will naturally use all of the keywords that people are searching for. Spend one hour writing today and that post will continue to rank forever.

4  Get found through social media

Every time you write new content on your blog, you are creating an opportunity for your website to be shared on social media. If you provide value to your target audience, they will be compelled to share it with their entire network on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc… There are a ton of social media channels out there. Each time your post gets shared, your website is exposed to hundreds of people you wouldn’t otherwise have reached. And obviously, it’s a good idea to share your blog posts on your own channels as well. It’s hard for your social media manager to create new content specific to social media. This is a great way to keep your presence going.

5  Get found through online publications

This is one that not many people take advantage of. You can actually submit your blog to online news outlets or even other blogs. There are tons of sites out there in need of fresh content. It’s difficult to post something new every day, so they leap at the opportunity to repost your story on their websites. You can even guest write a blog post on someone else’s website. This is a good way to drive a chunk of their traffic back to your site.

Imagine hundreds of blog posts each collecting new visitors over the course of weeks, months, years — woah! If you’re looking for reasons to start your own business blog or convince your boss to let you start one, then the reasons above should make a strong case. If you need a blog YESTERDAY, give Gumro Media a call.

Anand Upadhyay
Anand Upadhyay
Anand is the lead designer at Gumro Media.

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